by Shemeka Dorsett

Hey Green Geek family! 

I know most of us know we do not drink enough water but still we don't drink as much as we should daily. Why do we do this to ourselves? Here's something I did recently.....I walked in Winners (first mistake) and I saw a giant water bottle. No, really this thing is massive! It holds 3000ML of liquid! Just trust me when I say - that's A LOT!! This was my attempt to just start drinking more water and it actually worked because instead of looking at the entire thing and being overwhelmed, I would fill it all the way to the top and over the course of the day I would pour smaller amounts in a manageable cup and seeing the volume go down in my giant water bottle was motivation for me to just keep going and finish it daily. I am super competitive so I would even go as far as to try and beat the time I finished the day before.....but I understand that we are not as as nuts as I am and we seriously need easy tips that will help us include more water into our diet with having to push or challenge ourselves. 

So just keep reading for 3 super easy tips on how you can include more water into your diet leaving you feeling energized, light and accomplished!



This is one of my favorite things to do. Warm lemon water is so refreshing and having it before you enter anything into your system in the morning is one of the best feelings, especially on a cold winter morning which is quickly approaching. Every person doing our cleanse is equipped with a lemon to have in the morning because the benefits are amazing plus it's an easy and quick way to get some water in without even having to think about it!



My idea of pretty is flowers, flowers and more floral print! To you this may be much but believe me when I say filling your water in a pitcher or water bottle that's gorgeous to look at will make you feel a different kind of way when you're drinking it! My favorite places to go for beautiful water bottles are Chapters, Winners and for my peeps on a budget, don't worry I have your back too, I have also found some really nice ones on Amazon! Just make sure the one you choose is practical and functional for your lifestyle. There are tons of shapes and sizes out there now, so spend a couple days looking around and pick one that calls your name. Wouldn't it be amazing if we carried water bottles? That would be so amazing! Something to consider....



Wouldn't it be so easy for you to drink more water if it tastes delicious? Drinking smoothies that contain high water content and water are great ways to sneak water in without thinking about it. Smoothies are also a great source of energy and contains tons of nutrients that help to improve your mood and your overall health! Try one of our smoothies anytime to help with your daily water in take - my current favorite is the Pinakaleada which has Pineapples in it, and did you know that Pineapples is 87% water! Our John Lemon smoothie has Cauliflower and hear this - Cauliflower is also 87% water! For my Beet lovers our Just Beet It smoothie has strawberries which is 92% water! Our smoothie menu has something for everyone and because our ingredients are always fresh you truly get to reap the most amazing benefits which you deserve - always!


How do you plan on increasing your water intake? Which of these tips did you find most helpful and practical for you?


Thanks for hanging out with us and we hope you found these tips helpful. Be sure to look out for another blog soon.