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A new cleanse that is specially designed to keep colds at bay, keep you warm and practically untouchable all year long. 

The daily schedule:

1. Cold Buster (Apple. Lemon. Ginger.)

2. Kale Yeah (Apple. Celery. Kale. Lemon. Ginger. Pear.)

3. Mint To Be (Grapefruit. Orange. Lemon. Mint.)

4. Cayenne West (Grapefruit. Orange. Cayenne.)

5. Defcon 4 (Lemon. Ginger. Honey. Apple.)

6. Pure Orange

7. Pineapple Express (Apple. Lime. Mint. Pineapple.)

8 Defcon 4 (Lemon. Ginger. Honey. Apple)